eCommerce Rockstars Show – EP 19 – “The Wolf” Maor Benaim

During Affiliate World Barcelona (my favorite event yet – grab your tickets to AW Asia now!) I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Maor Benaim AKA “The Wolf” who is successful with multiple ventures in related industries. He is an absolute legend when it comes to eCommerce lead generation, and I wanted to pick his brain for some gold nuggets you guys can put to work in your business.

Not only does Maor have a highly successful affiliate agency business, but he also has an offline business of fitness centers that he is currently building into a nation-wide chain in Israel. In addition to his massive success in the affiliate industry, he has also created a lot of new technology that allows his team to function at a high level within these networks, including their own SMS platform. 

Maor absolutely crushes it with lead generation in eCommerce, and two of the best tactics that see working best right now are pre-sales campaigns, and engagement focused experience like a survey or quiz. 

Regardless if you are using SMS, Chatbots, or emails, these strategies work across all platforms (of course within their own nuances). 

When you focus on the engagement campaigns, you ask for an investment on the part of the lead, and this allows you to not only segment them better based on their answers, but to know that you have a higher quality lead that is more responsive.  If you create custom landing pages that look great you will also increase the quality of your leads and the participation in the engagement campaign itself.

Maor specifically recommends that you do NOT use the leads form in Facebook. If you are offering people straight sales and coupons for opt-ins, you will get cheap leads but the quality and subsequent conversion rates will be far lower. 

Once you have the answers from your surveys and quizzes, use the data that you have collected to segment them and send the appropriate content that speaks more to them.  For example, you might have two really different avatars that make up most of your opt-ins and can increase conversions dramatically if you create different copy to send to each in your follow-ups that speak to them specifically.

Keeping an eye on analytics and data is also absolutely crucial to measuring the effectiveness of the ads, landing pages, and follow-ups. When you do this you will be able to boost your conversions on every level.

Branding and content are crucial in every industry, and with rising CPM’s and steady conversion rates, the only thing you can manipulate is the content. The key to any lead generation campaign is great content and a well thought out process.  Furthermore, if your remarketing is not converting well, you should stop cold traffic until you can fix that, otherwise, you’ll be throwing away cash. 

Good content is the secret to creating demand, converting that demand into sales, and building for the long term brand equity which is always the most valuable sellable asset. Blending performance marketing with brand-building is crucial because you can generate short term cash for growth (and lifestyle) but also build a long term asset with your brand.

Like a true humble gentleman, Maor credits a lot of his success to being blessed with such amazing partners and people that he has aligned with for continued success in so many verticals at once. 

He also rarely goes to the office.  He knows that he performs best working outside of the office, so he rarely goes to the office and works in the ways that he knows he will perform the best and make the most of his time.

Lastly, he says you have to be super passionate about what you do in order to crush it. You have to be obsessed with what you are working on, you have to “get horny for the data, and you have love to win….Spoken like a true Wolf!

Video Highlights

00:50 – Maor’s current business portfolio

02:39 – It’s all about partnerships

03:30 – Pre-sales for lead-gen in eCommerce

04:15 – Creating quality lists

05:18 – Make sure to segment & watch the data

06:52 – when to use lead gen vs. straight sale

08:20 – Performance Marketing Meets eCommerce Brand Building

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