eCommerce Rockstars Show – EP 17 – Hen Kinan – Shinez

Last week at Affiliate World Conferences we caught up with the legendary Hen Kinan. After spending 7 years in affiliate marketing and eCommerce, he built out a massive publishing business called Shinez which generates half a BILLION page views each month and specializes in viral content creation and syndication.

Third party credibility is one of the main reasons influencer marketing is so effective and is a huge reason why you might want to partner with a content distribution channel like Shinez… not to mention being diversified on your traffic sources away from dependence on just social media.
Having part of your #eCommerce business as a media channel is an incredible way of building your brand, and for this, Hen insists that you absolutely need to tell a story and not simply have high production value videos.
Invest in copywriting so that you can give REAL value that others aren’t giving in the marketplace, and THAT’s what will make the difference! You need a distinct voice that cuts through all of the noise out there and solidifies you as a clear leader in the minds of your audience.
When we asked Hen what he thought were the keys to his success, he said he had events like Affiliate World Conferences world to thank (this was his 8th AW event. It’s vital that you get to these events, get out to the networking events, make allies and partners, and get out of your comfort zone and you will break through barriers!

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